My new website is now up and running so I should probably introduce myself a little. So, uh, hi! I’m Grace and I’m a writer.

I’ve been writing in one form or another, under several different names, for more than twenty years, but I’m finally stepping into the realms of publishing, hence the new website and, yes, a new name. Though this is one I’ll be sticking with for a little while, at least! You can find out a little bit more about me here.

My main genre is urban fantasy – I love weaving the supernatural and the real world together – but I also write in other genres including high fantasy, girl’s own, space opera, sci-fi and romance so I’m hoping that there’ll be something there for everyone in the end!

The releases page has the details on what’s new and what’s coming soon while the books page will have a complete list of what’s what, once it’s published.

As for what you’ll find here, well that will be a little of this and a little of that. There will be book reviews, there will be snippets of what I’m working on, music recommendations and, every once in a while, an update on the stuff that I’m working on that hasn’t yet reached the point of being really ready to shout about. (I have a lot of that!)

Diary Date

Sekhmet, Book 1 in the Elsehere series is due out on the 1st August.