Busy Busy

Things are all go here as I get ready to publish. Final edits (I swear I know how to use English grammar…), writing blurbs (a task I’m no better at now than when I was twenty) and generally trying not to flail in panic. Fortunately, I’ve succeeded (I hope) with the edits, the blurb is now done and…well, okay there might be a bit of quiet flailing going on.

I now have a pre-order link: https://books2read.com/elsehere-sekhmet

From here you’ve got a choice of various different eBook providers, which will include Amazon (when they approve things, which will hopefully be soon!), and does include iBooks and Barnes&Noble. Once the Amazon links are ready, I’ll update with them.

There will also be a paperback version, available via Amazon. That won’t be available for pre-order but will be available for purchase on/around the 1st August (again, Amazon willing!).

Other News

  • There’s a new book been added to the releases page. I don’t have a date for this one yet, but I’m hoping it will be available in time for Christmas.
  • I will be posting some short fiction here in due course. Some of it will be outtakes and backstory for the Elsehere books, some of it will be…other stuff (she said mysteriously!) Look out for the first piece soon…
  • I was going to do a post outlining what’s on the list of projects that aren’t imminent but are going to happen (hopefully!) sooner rather than later but, uh, it’s a long list, so look out for a brand new page going up over the weekend with project details

Stay safe and have fun!

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