Music Monday: Drowsy Magpie

Today’s playlist entry is the wonderful Drowsy Magpie by The Snake Charmer.

I got introduced to The Snake Sharmer by J (hi J!) via some incredible YouTube videos and equally impressive tunes. She’s an Indian bagpiper who plays everything from traditional Celtic and folk to Punjabi and wider Indian melodies to covers of AC/DC and popular film and TV themes (her version of the Game of Thrones theme is fabulous)

Drowsy Magpie is a mashup of Punjabi and Celtic melodies, done to a dance beat. It’s loud and vibrant and utterly joyful, which I absolutely adore. A little like Silent Lucidity, this is another piece of music that allows my mind to wander off, though more often than not, that’s while my body is literally wandering off: this one is part of my walking playlist.

As a writer I do spend an impressive amount of time sitting at my desk – it’s an occupational hazard, you might say! – so I do aim to get outside at least once a day and go for a good brisk walk and music like Drowsy Magpie makes sure that it is brisk.

The Elsehere Soundtrack on Spotify has been updated to include this.

That’s all for now. Happy reading – and listening!

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