A Spot of Catch Up

It’s almost the end of August (how? seriously, just how?!) so it’s time for a bit of a round up of things that have happened (that you might have missed!), so without further ado…

  • Sekhmet, book 1 of the Elsehere series is out and in the wild! Thank you to those of you who’ve bought it – I hope you’re enjoying it, and please do consider giving it a review. If you haven’t already bought a copy, click here for details of where you can purchase one. (Please note: the paperback’s being updated but should be available again soon.)
  • There’ve been three Music Monday posts with a fourth one scheduled for tomorrow and additional posts scheduled through to the end of September. Catch up with any you’ve missed, here.
  • The first Free Fiction Friday story went up last week. Called The Pact, you can read a bit more about it, here, and read the full story, here. Expect the next one of these sometime in September!

Meanwhile in writing news, book 2 in the Elsehere series, Valkyrie, is making progress and the series itself has spawned a sixth book, which I’m in the process of plotting out. I’m a little tentative on where it’s going to slot in (it could be book 3, it could be book 4!) but once I have the details tetrised into place I’ll add it to the releases page.

And I think that’s everything. For now, at least! I hope you’re keeping well and staying safe. Happy reading!

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