Music Monday: Opening Titles Including Underground

It’s another Music Monday and it’s more soundtrack music this week, this time from Labyrinth by David Bowie and Trevor Jones.

This is a rare piece for the Elsehere soundtrack, in that it needs very little further introduction. It’s from a classic 80s film that’s still eminently watchable now (that’s no mean feat) and I think it might be the most famous piece of music I include. (Might!)

It also goes against what I said about not writing to pieces of music with a strong image attached, because the moment the opening chords play I immediately get the image of the owl and its flight through the film’s opening credits and into the park where Sara’s playing but it still works as part of my writing playlist. My thought process is incredibly visual – each scene plays out like a mini movie (which did lead me to issues with describing things when I started, because surely EVERYONE could see the picture in my head, right?! Well, no, as it turns out – and that’s probably for the best!) and often that involves sweeping me through the scenery, like the owl in those opening credits.

The main reason it works, though, are the lyrics. As I’ve mentioned before, for me to write to music with lyrics I have to be very familiar with them, and you don’t get much more familiar than a song you’ve known for *gulp* approaching forty years! What edges this song into the soundtrack over some others, though, is the connection the lyrics have to the overall Elsehere saga. I didn’t start plotting the Elsehere saga with this song directly in mind, but it does beautifully line up with the major themes of the series.

The Elsehere Soundtrack on Spotify has been updated to add this in (hopefully – Spotify and the Labyrinth soundtrack are occasionally uneasy allies!)

That’s all for now. Happy reading and listening!

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