A General Catch Up

It’s been a busy few weeks in these parts.

  • The first draft of Valkyrie is now complete and off with the editor. There’s still (probably) quite a bit of work to do so no firm news on a release date yet
  • The first draft of Cambiante is coming along very, very nicely – I’m hoping to have a rough draft finished this week, although it will need much more work to be a full first draft. Still, not bad for a book I didn’t know I was writing until about six weeks ago…!
  • I’ve now started looking at my notes for Mistika with a view to getting a detailed synopsis written. I did get a start on this last year, but I’ve had a rethink about my approach, so back to the drawingboard a little bit. (What’s already written will mostly be kept, but some of it will need to be reworked.)
  • I’m also working on the next bit of Friday Fiction, which will go up in about two weeks’ time.
  • If you missed the last Friday Fiction, you can find it, here: Wrong Turn
  • There’ve also been a number of new Music Monday posts. Catch up with the Elsehere soundtrack, here.

And I think that brings you up to date.

Happy reading! 🙂

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