Music Monday: Every Road Leads Home To You

Today’s Music Monday is a piece by Richie Sambora: Every Road Leads Home To You

Richie Sambora is a guitarist probably most famous for having been Bon Jovi’s lead guitarist although he’s been a solo artist and has collaborated with various people over the years as well. Every Road Leads Home To You is from his third solo album (and also appeared as a bonus track on the last Bon Jovi album he worked on).

I love this song and have done so, ever since I first heard it. Part of that is the song’s lyrics reflect a common experience of being stuck away from your loved ones and trying to overcome that (if you’ve known me long enough, you’re probably aware of just how often travel gremlins hit me when I’m on my way home from things!). The rest of that is the music, which is a lovely bit of blues-rock – not too overcomplicated or over-produced with a good tempo (I always feel a little bit like dancing when I play it).

The tempo puts it onto my walking playlist as it does keep me moving quite nicely without me needing to think about it, but the idea in the lyrics, of trying to find home and the truth, also make it work as part of the backdrop for Sekhmet, so even if it didn’t keep me moving, it would get in just for that!

The Elsehere Soundtrack on Spotify has been updated to add this in.

That’s all for now. Happy reading and listening!

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