Updates + Cover Reveal

Exciting times in these parts. I may have been quiet on here, but offline I’ve been busy. Very busy!

As is traditional, I spent November doing NaNoWriMo. I didn’t get to 50k, but I did just about reach 35k and managed to write something every day, which I’m counting as a serious win. The project I was working on was Sage (book 5 of the Elsehere series), with little bits of the final book, plus work on Cambiante as well, so lots of lovely progress. With a little bit of luck, I should get both drafts finished over the next month, leaving me ready to work on Mistika (book 4) in the early part of January.

Meanwhile on the editing front, the initial edits on Valkyrie are done and now that I have NaNo out of the way, I can really dive into the bigger edits. The aim here is to get that work completed this week and then see where I am. I don’t, yet, have a firm release date, but as soon as I do, you’ll hear it here.

Valkyrie cover image, depicting Kari Gormsdottir with her hammer

What I do have, however, is the final version of Valkyrie’s cover, which looks pretty dang awesome.

It’s designed by Sabrina of Enchanted Ink Studios. They also did the cover for Sekhmet and are just all round lovely (and incredibly talented)!

Also on the editing front, Gresley is now fully edited and just awaiting a cover. Again, no firm release date, but this should be available before Christmas.

As a result of all this, the releases page has been updated and the tentative release dates for Cambiante and Mistika have been amended as well. Sage will go onto that page once Gresley and/or Valkyrie are released.

In other news, there was no Fiction Friday in November (NaNo rather got in the way of that!) so I’m hoping to do two for December. I have one ready (so look out for that this week), while the other is something I’m working on in odd moments (so look out for that later in the month). And finally, Music Monday will be back (apropriately enough) on Monday for a series of four seasonal (and Whamageddon friendly) posts.

And I think that’s everything.

Happy reading!

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