Music Monday: Stop The Cavalry

It’s another Music Monday and today is the Jona Lewie anti-war song.

It’s not an obvious Christmas song, and yet…it pops up on Christmas compelations with regularity. (I believe this puzzles him, too!) It gets there for several reasons:

  1. The song was a hit in the UK in December of 1980
  2. It features the line “I wish I could be at home for Christmas”
  3. The brass arrangement just SOUNDS like it should be in a Christmas song.

All of these are…tenuous at best, but they all add up. So, while I know it’s a protest song (it’s not even subtle – “Bang! That’s another bomb on another town/While the Tsar and Jim have tea”), I hear it it does make me feel Christmassy…but the lyrics also make me stop and think and recognise just how lucky I’ve been.

You can find my Christmas With a Twist playlist on Spotify.

That’s all for now. Happy reading and listening!

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