Music Monday: Man With The Wolf Hood

Welcome to another Music Monday. This week’s track is from the AC III expansion, The Tyranny of King Washington and is by Lorne Balfe.

Lorne Balfe was the second AC composer I was introduced to, by virtue of his having worked with Jesper Kyd on the AC: Revelations soundtrack, and while he’s perhaps not in my top three composers, he is someone whose music I generally enjoy.

This particular piece is, perhaps, a more traditionally orchestral piece than a lot of what I’ve so far referenced for Valkyrie, but it seemed to fit what I was writing towards the end of the book. It starts with percussion and bass, builds up a layer of brass, then woodwind and finally the main strings in a great cressendo before dying back to the bass and percussion to finish.

It feels like a musical crowning moment of awesome – which is what I hope the climax of Valkyrie is, both for Kari and for you, as the reader.

The Elsehere Soundtrack on Spotify has been updated to add this in.

That’s all for now. Happy reading and listening!

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