March Update

Before I get into this month’s update, I want to note that I was very much in two minds about posting. With what’s going on in the world, this feels a little frivolous, but on the other hand, the way I cope with things going to hell is to write and plenty of other people cope by reading. So, update it is.

And it’s a good one.

First up, the titleless book six is titleless no more. It will be called Maat (with thanks to J!)…and I have to admit at this point, the sheer scale of it is, uh, intimidating. That said, I’m nibbling away at the planning and plotting and by the time I come to actually write it (towards the end of the year, all being well) I should be in a pretty good place with it.

Next, an update on Mistika (which is still in search of a replacement title). It’s been slightly slow going for various reasons (unintended stays in London not the least of them!) but I am making progress and I’ve got the whole thing mapped out. What I don’t yet know is how I’m going to assemble it. (You’d think this would make it harder to write but it’s actually quite freeing to dance around the timeline. [Feel free to remind me of this sometime in August when I’m trying to get the whole thing to tie together…!])

Friday Fiction this month will be out on the 18th (and this time it will actually be the 18th!). This month is going to be a completely new short story. Genre is still up in the air but I know it’s going to be something upbeat and, hopefully, funny. This is a slight change of plan from what I said last month, mainly because the story I was going to post this month is a little too close to real life right now. It will make an appearance later in the year, but (for obvious reasons) I’m not putting a timeline on it.

And finally, it’s cover-reveal time. Cambiante has a cover AND a potential release date.

Designed once more by the fabulous Sabrina of Enchanted Inks, I am incredibly pleased with it and with the book that goes with it.

I’m hoping to release on the 26th April, so pre-order links will be going in a couple of weeks (assuming neither I nor my editor [hi j!] find anything major in our final passes).

And in related news, next month’s Friday Fiction will be an Elsehere short story, which is the link between Valkyrie and Cambiante.

So that’s this month. On to the next.

Stay safe, support Ukraine and happy reading 🙂

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