Music Monday: Round Up

And we’ve reached the final Music Monday for Cambiante and a chance to wrap up the few pieces that either didn’t need a whole post or where a whole post would have provided way more spoilers than I’d like.

  • The AC: Black Flag theme – Brian Tyler
    I just love this piece of music. It’s a playful waltz. It’s a prelude. It’s a sea shanty without actually being a sea shanty. It’s swashbuckling fun and it’s definitely The Ghost’s theme.
  • Waving At Stars – Fish
    This is an odd little track from the Raingods with Zippos album. It’s got a trance backing track that wouldn’t have been out of place in Ayia Napa or Ibiza when the album was originally released, but the lyrics are more of Fish’s sharp observation. It builds into Raingods Dancing (see the first Music Monday post for Cambiante for details on that) and, as such, I listened to it almost as much as that track and it was almost as important for ironing out the details as that track became!
  • Sonic Boom Boy – Westworld
    A quirky track that I’ve loved since I was a wee small thing and a new addition to my walking playlist.

The Elsehere Soundtrack on Spotify has been updated to add this in.

So that’s the Cambiante part of the Elsehere soundtrack complete. By comparison to Valkyrie and Sekhmet it’s quite a short section, but that’s mainly because I actually listened to way more things than for either of the first too books, but far fewer tracks became important to the writing. (I had a lot of fun listening to some of the music from Cuba – there’s a lot of really awesome dance and jazz music that’s either originated or developed out of Cuba – but none of it really ‘stuck’, as such, partly because there was so much I don’t think I heard any of it twice!)

Music Monday now goes on hiatus until August, when I’m going to do a special summer fun selection. Five weeks to share my five favourite ‘summer’ music and, like my Christmas selection, I’m aiming for roads less travelled – though more on that in August!

The Elsehere soundtrack will return in the autumn (all things being well) with part 4, which is going to be very, VERY different. Until then, happy reading and listening 🙂

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