Friday Fiction – Finding a Pond

And we’re back with the short story writing (finally!) and we’re back in the same universe as Human Touch. As I mentioned when I posted that, it’s a part of a much larger universe and this is another of the building blocks for that universe – it also won’t be the last one of these I post!

When I first started working on the sprawling space opera, I started (as I usually do) with the characters. Who they are at the point you first meet them and who they were prior to that point. In the case of my four central characters (you get to meet the first one in this story) that meant a lot of backstory. Some of that came in the form of notes while some of it – the interesting bits! – came in the form of short stories or scenelets.

And I looked at what I ended up with and went: “I’m missing something.” That was a large part of the reason why the project got shelved. And then Human Touch happened. When that was originally conceived it was just a random sci-fiish story, but working on it last year I could see how it worked with what I’d been working on. It gave the universe reasons as to why things are the way they are and it gave things a bigger sense of history.

I love it when this sort of thing happens!

Once Human Touch was posted, I started looking at my other building blocks and began pulling them together so that they could be shared and this is the first one off the shelf. Meet Jellena Batrice. She wants to be a Special Investigator but the training is proving to be nothing like she was expecting…

Read Finding a Pond

Happy reading 🙂

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