Friday Fiction: What Happens In Delphi…

For this month’s (main!) Friday Fiction piece, a spot of historical fantasy. Set in Greece, during the Peloponnesian war, it’s both a chance to dust off parts of my degree (roughly a sixth of my degree was about this period!) and an opportunity to fill in a little of the history in the Elsehere universe.

In my original plan for Sekhmet, some of the flashbacks/dreams were intended to feature Greece in this period. However, as Sekhmet took shape, they ceased to make sense in the context of a story very much more rooted in Egyptian history, but just because they didn’t make it into the book, it doesn’t mean I forgot about the idea and that’s led both to this short story and to something that will be happening in Sage. (Note: no spoilers in here for Sage!)

You don’t have to have read any of the Elsehere books to understand this. You also don’t have to have studied Greek history – I have tried to keep the history references to a minimum, but there are a few. Ultimately, this is a story of a seer who knows she’s living in interesting times but who’s about to learn just how interesting.

Read What Happens in Delphi

And, in case you missed it in last week’s update, this month’s other Friday Fiction is a 100 word drabble entitled the Book of Bob.

Read The Book of Bob

Okay; that’s it for this month. Happy reading 🙂

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