Friday Fiction: A Hard Bargain

Slightly delayed due to a work crisis and a migraine attack…

As mentioned, this is a sort of tease for Ved’ma. One of the questions I had to ask myself about the plot of Ved’ma was: why does all this happen? I walked literal miles pondering it, and then around about this time last year, I got it. As much as Ved’ma is the story of a young woman learning how to be so much more than she was born to be, it’s also a story of folly.

Of people making very much the wrong choices.

Of people reacting out of desparation rather than reason.

And that starts here. With a man driven to a terrible choice.

Read A Hard Bargain

Happy reading 🙂

Spring Is Sprung?

There are snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses out, the magnolia tree on my regular walking route has buds about ready to pop, my hayfever has started up…and I would swear I’ve just seen a snowflake drift past my window! Welcome to spring…

Still, the days are getting longer which always makes things feel better.

And speaking of making things feel better…I have just about got a completed draft of Ved’ma done. I’ve got to do a full read through and there’s a lot of editing needed, so, since I’ve no desire to kill, maim or otherwise stress out my editor, or have them kill me (hi J!), I don’t yet have a release date. Equally, whether this will impact Sage, I’m not sure at this point. Once I have a date, though, that will tell me more and as soon as I know that, I will share that.

And in even more good news, there will be a Friday Fiction piece out this Friday. It is the tie-in piece for Ved’ma and it’s less of a spoiler and more of a tease, being set some some fourteen years prior to where the book begins…

In terms of catching up Friday Fiction, the aim is to get both missing stories done this month, but edits will be the priority. So if both get sorted out, it either means the edits went well, or they’re going very badly!

So that’s where things sit right now. I’m now off to start the read through!

Happy reading 🙂