You Know What They Say About Plans…

The last month has been…interesting. On the one hand, the day job has been fairly quiet. On the other hand, everything else has not.

I’ve hit a wall with the editing of Ved’ma, namely a rather sizable and inescapable plot hole into which most of the last third vanishes. Ooops. Even allowing for the fact that I have at least some of the resolution already written, there isn’t any way this book is going to be edited into a finished version this month.

*insert screaming and tantruming here*

Because of that, things are going to get shuffled around, as follows:

  • I’m now going to aim for a date in July for Ved’ma’s release. This should give me the rest of this month to wrangle the plot hole closed and will (hopefully) make getting the final edits sorted much easier.
  • Sage will move to November (I would say October, but I don’t especially want to spend my vacation wrangling Amazon files!)
  • Hassatar will be sometime in the new year – probably May/June time

There is flexibility there – if things come together much faster, then things will move again, but for now, that’s the plan.

In slightly better news, there will be a Friday Fiction story going up next week – I have three in varying states of doneness, so I’m not sure which one it will be yet, but it will be fun, whatever it is. I probably won’t get a second one finished this month (the priority is Ved’ma, after all!), but I will catch up on what got missed earlier in the year.

At some point.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, that plot hole awaits…

Happy reading 😉

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