Grace Roberts was born and grew up in Bristol, England. She discovered a love of the written word young, was an avid reader and soon began making up her own stories when the ones she found in books weren’t enough. As she got older she also found a love for history and folklore and she now loves finding ways of combining aspects of both of these in her writing.

Outside her writing, she’s a sports fan, a music lover, a dancer (tap, ballet and a certified Zumba instructor), a sometime crafter (mainly crochet and cross-stitch) and an occasional binge watcher (although the amount of stuff she has stacked up on her DVR, she may never catch up with some things…) Oh, and she is a mine of trivia – most of it tends to be useless, but every now and then you need to know what causes rickets or the name of the capital of Slovenia…

Grace currently lives in Wiltshire.

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