Project Notes

There’s no timescales on these, but they’re all being worked on in some capacity and the intention is for them to be completed…at some point!

Ruth Abroad

Tag line: The story of Ruth and the Robson family as they travel from 1930s London to Ceylon to start anew.

Genre: Girl’s own

Notes: This one has been in development in one guise or another for nearly twenty years (yes, I’m slightly distressed by that fact!), but it is finally and actually coming together now. I have a chapter outline in place, I have the research done and once the Elsehere books are finished, this is going to be the next project up. Probably a stand-alone title, although I’m not totally ruling out a sequel…

Nova Eboracum (working title)

Tag line: When Marcus prays to Jupiter for some mercy, waking up two thousand years into the future wasn’t what he had in mind, but with Connie helping him to adjust, he finds it isn’t such a bad fate after all…

Genre: Action/Romance/Sci-fi

Notes: This was inspired by a friend (hi A!) and some of the recent historical research being done on Pompeii and Herculaneum, plus it’s an excuse to use the other half of my degree. You can expect a lot of history in this, plus some fun and games and the odd government conspiracy thrown in for good measure. A stand-alone book (probably!).

Atonement (working title)

Tag line: In 1940, her great-grandfather died before he could complete his mission. Seventy years on, she must finally finish what he started.

Genre: Urban fantasy/action/adventure

Notes: Part Seven Years in Tibet, part Indiana Jones, part Mission Impossible, part antiquities repatriation, this is another something that was sparked off by a friend (hi C!). In this case, there doesn’t need much plotting as I have that side of it nailed into place; what I’m currently lacking are locations and characters – which is very odd for me because I usually come at a story character first. It is, however, a really cool plot. This is probably a one-and-done story.

The Last Princess

Tag line: As the empire crumbles, a young girl and her protector must make a daring bid for safety

Genre: High(is) fantasy

Notes: This comes about from some of the ideas that haven’t/won’t/can’t make the cut within the Elsehere series because they don’t quite fit as things have progressed. (A writer never deletes her cut stuff, she just files it away for another day!) I’ve got the rough plot and characters ready, but there will need to be some revisions and I need to do a lot more world building before I’m ready to go…but it will be a fun story to write. Depending on how it goes, this may well be the start of a new series.


Tag line: Taros is a runner – someone who carries important messages for the council. She thought that was all she was. Turns out that’s the very least she is…

Genre: Middle-High Fantasy

This was a quirky idea I was working on as a short story for Friday Fiction, but it just kept going, and going and getting bigger and bigger, not helped by the realisation that what I’d started with was actually the middle of the story! So into the project folder it goes. It will take a lot of plotting, but it should be something cool and different. This will definitely be a series of at least three books.

Paradise Falls

Tag line: Paradise Falls is no pleasure resort. It’s a rough, frontier planet and being the commander of the Peace Keeper garrison there is never going to be a dull job for Erlan Tanzi…

Genre: Space Opera/Sci-fi

Notes: This is a great big sprawling saga (there’s at least three books planned, at this point). As befits something this size, it has a cast of hundreds and needs a tonne of plotting but it’s also a tonne of fun.


Tag line: Mirna’s been at peace for 500 years, ever since the last king was overthrown, but now that peace is at risk..

Genre: Fantasy

Notes: This is another big sprawling epic with a cast of hundreds (or possibly thousands here!). There’s a lot of world building been done for some parts, but other parts are rather less developed and the overall plot needs a lot of work to get it into shape. That said, it’s a fun idea and there’s some neat twists – if I can get then to pan out! Planned to be a trilogy. Then there were six books. For a brief moment, there were nine books (I swear I’m not George Lucas in disguise!)… Suffice to say, it’s definitely a series of some description!


Tag line: Someone is killing in the Warrens. Nat’s been trying to keep her head down and keep safe, but when she finds the body of her sister, she can’t keep looking away. With no help from the authorities, she sets out to find the killer and put a stop to the rampage…

Genre: Fantasy/Horror

Notes: Yet another one by way of a friend (hi C!) and also by way of a Tumblr post from LadySaviours. Their prompt was a lot more historical than I think I can handle, but the basic idea hit off a couple of things that I’ve always been fascinated (and horrified) by: vigilantism and how you can litereally get away with murder if you pick the right targets. This could well become a series, depending on how things go.