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Gresley The Railway Cat

The exploits of a curious cat

When Gresley arrives at Railway Cottage she’s never heard of trains, or squirrels, or badgers, but she soon finds her paws and finds adventure!


The Elsehere Book 2

When your penance is up…

…what do you do next?

For Kari it’s always been an academic question. She knows that she can never truly atone for her past, so when Freyja tells her that her sentence is complete Kari is left with decisions she never expected to make.

But while she thinks about her future, her past is on a collision course with the present…

…risking lives and threatening Kari’s hard-won sanity.


The Elsehere Book 3

Emilio Hernandez has been rescuing people his whole life…

…but saving the whole world is a very different challenge!

Once a conquistador, his work as The Ghost has terrified generations of slave owners and political despots. But now he’s facing something different.

An ancient elemental has gathered power and is rising to cleanse the world. Emilio is the only one who can stop it, but doing so is going to challenge even his powers of adaptability. It’s a race against time…

…and time might just be winning!

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The Elsehere Book 4

Being spared the fate of your family…

…isn’t a mercy.

Kidnapped and enslaved by Baba Yaga as revenge for a debt unpaid, Ana learns the hard way that there is far more to life than in her wildest nightmares and that, unlike fairytales, the best way to freedom isn’t to wait for a prince.

But escaping the witch is only the start of her journey from the selfish princess she was to the selfless protector she needs to be…

April 2023


The Elsehere Book 5

When life goes sideways…

…who do you turn to?

Becky’s always known that life was a great deal weirder than most people think, though she’s always assumed her brief brush with the Elsehere as a child would be as far as that went. Even meeting Ayana and learning Nick’s secret didn’t seem to alter things.

But an incident at Victoria Tube Station changes all that. What, at first, seems to be a random accident on a busy tube platform turns out to be part of a much larger plan.

And while Becky struggles to master a power that no single woman has held in seven thousand years, Nick, Ayana and the rest of the Hands are in a race against time to find out who’s behind it and what their ultimate aim is…

July 2023


The Elsehere Book 6

Family is not defined by blood…

…it’s who you’re prepared to fight for.

November 2023

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