Friday Fiction: A Little Career Advice

This…was not what I originally had planned for this month. Or, actually, this side of the summer. I was intending this for much later in the year, but as I’ve mentioned before, plans have this funny way of biting you on the behind. So here we are!

This is a little scene that’s been in and out of various projects over the years without ever quite finding a good fit so I thought I would share it here as a little light relief.

A traveller and a brigand meet and talk. Sort of…

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Friday Fiction: A Hard Bargain

Slightly delayed due to a work crisis and a migraine attack…

As mentioned, this is a sort of tease for Ved’ma. One of the questions I had to ask myself about the plot of Ved’ma was: why does all this happen? I walked literal miles pondering it, and then around about this time last year, I got it. As much as Ved’ma is the story of a young woman learning how to be so much more than she was born to be, it’s also a story of folly.

Of people making very much the wrong choices.

Of people reacting out of desparation rather than reason.

And that starts here. With a man driven to a terrible choice.

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Friday Fiction: Midnight Escape

As promised (and just about in time!) this month’s Friday Fiction is here and it’s another of the scenelets that lurk around in the recesses of my file store.

This is another piece that ties to the Mirna project, listed on the projects page, but unlike On The Marshes, this represents an idea that’s been cut completely as the project has moved in a different direction from where this would have gone.

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Friday Fiction – Of Bonds and Binding

It has been a crazy month and somehow it’s time for another Friday Fiction post.

This month, in preparation for the launch of Cambiante, an Elsehere short story. It’s the Trickster’s story, of what happened to him and of his motivations and intentions. (Hint: the road to hell is definitely paved with good intentions!)

Warning: Myth geeking ahead..

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Loki in the Norse myths – he’s complex, troublemaking, morally grey and brutally honest. He’s also a slightly tragic character, in the sense that you can draw a straight line from the dwarf sewing his lips together to his role in the death of Baldr and if Odin had only stood up for his blood brother, perhaps things would have been different.

I’m also fascinated by the fact that there are so many different trickster characters throughout the world. Virtually every culture seems to have at least one take on the archtype and while they’re all different, there are also plenty of similarities.

So my Trickster character isn’t, specifically, Loki, but an amalgam of several Trickster gods – though it’s the Norse parts that have been more front-and-centre to this point, and particularly in this short story, which does borrow heavily from the Norse myth…

There is a bit of overlap between this story and Valkyrie (so if you haven’t read that one yet, be aware: here be potential spoilers!)

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Friday Fiction – On The Marshes

I was all set to post it on Thursday evening, but I ended up travelling for my trip a day early (to beat Storm Eunice) and then I ended up spending a second night away because I couldn’t get home again (because Storm Eunice). So what should have been a day trip turned into an impromptue couple of days away. They ended up being very good days away (hint: this means I’ve got at least one story idea out of it!) but…

So to this month’s Friday Fiction. On The Marshes is another piece of high fantasy and another prologue/beginning. Unlike last month’s piece, though, I do know what this was originally written for! On the Project Notes page the last project mentioned is Mirna, and this little scene is one of my character sketches for that project. It probably won’t be a part of the final project, but it’s important background.

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